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Unfortunately, like other well-known brands, our designs are targeted by criminals who produce and sell counterfeit products in order to deceive customers and benefit from our success. Various reports have shown that a large proportion of the profits from counterfeit sales are used to finance terrorism and organized crime. Furthermore, this is often done at the expense of human dignity, as the manufacture of counterfeit products is often based on child labor or modern slavery.


In order to fight the illegal trade in counterfeit products and to stand up for the protection of our customers, we have put together a special trademark protection team of lawyers, investigators and experts in product piracy, whose job is to make the production, delivery and sale of counterfeit products Tommy Hilfiger Combat Equestrian Products Worldwide. Our team works closely with the customs and law enforcement authorities to halt and prevent the sale of counterfeit products online and in the markets of over 100 countries in the future.

How do you spot counterfeits?

Every day we report websites, social media pages, and online marketplace accounts that are fake Tommy Hilfiger Offer equestrian products. We understand that the differences between real and counterfeit products are not always easy to spot, especially when they are offered online. Hence, one should be extremely careful when one Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian buys products from websites that offer high discounts. In addition, one should avoid purchasing products that are offered as second-choice goods or as surplus goods.


Based on our experience, we have identified various characteristics of websites that offer counterfeit products or fail to deliver ordered products:


A. Often times, there is little to no contact information (such as company name, physical or email address, and phone number) on the website.


B. The website will not guarantee the protection of your personal data and credit card information and will not offer an HTTPS version of the website. Also, you won't see a small lock icon next to the website address (URL).


C. In some cases the website becomes an official one Tommy Hilfiger- Impersonate website even if the domain name is unrelated to the brand.


Please note that you always buy products from unauthorized retailers at your own risk. Real Tommy Hilfiger Find Equestrian products at or authorized ones Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian dealers.


If you come across an (online) seller who may be fake Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian products, or you are not sure whether a product you have already purchased is real or fake, please contact us via one of our customer service channels. Please provide as much information as possible (such as photos of the products you have purchased, the name and address of the seller, or the website). This will help us identify the problem and follow up on it accordingly.


Thank you for your watchful eye and support in protecting the brand Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian.