We focus on rider and horse. Our way is sustainable. We support and promote sustainability in equestrian sport as well as in the development and manufacture of our products.


All of our products come with a QR code "Scan & Trace" and make it possible to see the manufacturing process of each garment. You can transparently track production steps, production locations and delivery routes.


Learn more about the long-term sustainability goals of Tommy Hilfiger and discover the projects with which we are already driving change:

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Tommy Hilfiger has set itself the task of creating fashion that “wastes nothing and welcomes everyone”. The world today faces some of the greatest challenges of all - from climate change and resource scarcity to inequality and prejudice. A single fashion brand cannot change any of that, but through the power of partnership and collaboration, we will do everything in our power to create a circular and inclusive future of fashion. This is our time. It's time to make it happen to Make it possible.